About Arizona Service Project

Impactful Home Repair

Avondale/Goodyear, AZ Area

Since January 2018, Arizona Service Project has worked with local and regional volunteers to provide free, impactful home repair for low-income families in the Avondale/Goodyear area, along with surrounding communities. We envision a community without substandard housing, where multiple generations live in safe, sustainable homes.

Arizona Service Project was created by a group of volunteers with a vision to eradicate substandard housing who had previously come into contact with the transformational power of Appalachia Service Project. After experiencing such a wonderful organization in Appalachia, it was their hope to replicate the mission and heart of ASP. We are excited to bring this work to the Avondale/Goodyear communities.

Types of Projects


We know that homes need to be well insulated and weatherized for many reasons, including energy savings and comfort. Additionally, we know that though the summer months are hot, winter nights can be very cold, especially in a poorly insulated home.


Arizona Service Project completes projects that allow families to have safer access in and out of their homes, including safe exits and wheelchair ramps. We strive to complete repairs that allow families to safely live in their homes.

Roof Repairs

Long term roof leaks can cause damage to the interior structures of a home and create unhealthy water damage within a home, including mold.

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